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Board and Staff members share experience and knowledge in working toward an inclusive, accessible community for all.

Board Members

John Haschak | Chair
Kathy Berkebile | Vice Chair/Secretary
Nick Damin
Claudia Rager

Heather Richards
Carol Schneck
Brenda Shaffer

Todd Thompson
Kelly Warshel


Scott Hilliard | Executive Director
Scott Maust | Deputy Director

Human Resources

Kathy Josephson | Manager
Nicole Wallace | Benefits Administrator

Sue Metroka | Assistant
Lisa Danel Smith | Assistant


Samantha Williams | Controller
Tara McIntyre | Staff Accountant
Mary Koval | Financial Assistant

Information Technology

Mike Tomasko | Systems Administrator
Justin Chesnutwood | Help Desk Specialist


Tasha Adams | Development and Media
Maria Nagy | Office Assistant


Brian Oechslin | Manager

Service Provision

Lori Pavic | Director
Andrew Washic | Supervisor
Melissa Rearick | Manager of Recruitment/Liaison
Chasity Ingram | Recruiter
Tasha Beck | Staff Trainer
Connie Ofsanko | Administrative Assistant
LeAndrea Seiler | Programs Specialist
Lisa Weigel
| Programs Specialist
Malissa Price | Team Lead
Lyndsey Allen | Scheduler
Megan Berkey | Scheduler
Kaitlynn Daughenbaugh | Scheduler
Lisa Grassa | Scheduler
Micaela Helsel | Scheduler
Hannah Hendrickson | Scheduler

Consumer Activities Program

Joyce Bowers | Consumer Activities Specialist
Woy | Consumer Activities Assistant

Community Living Arrangements (CLAs)

Karen Fedorko | Program Specialist
Sue Margo | Program Manager
Heather Lubert | Recruiter/Trainer


John Reckner | Manager
Tom Marino | CLA Maintenance

AUCP Office Staff

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