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Our Impact

For more than 60 years, we've dedicated our work to ensuring quality of life and independence
for individuals living with varying ability levels within the communities we serve.

Serving West Central Pennsylvania, we take pride in our mission of “helping people live independently every day with quality care” by continuously revisiting our programs, trainings, and services.

Our Governing Board of Directors

Board members guide the organization by sharing experience and knowledge in working toward an inclusive, accessible community for all.

Brenda Shaffer
Boutique Owner, Goldendoodle Mom, HR enthusiast

Autumn Moore
Party-planner, Family buff,
District Manager

David George
Father of three boys, Outdoor Enthusiast, Bleeds Blue & White

Heather Richards
Fundraiser-extraordinaire, Mom, Nurse Manager

Tiffany Wetzel-Sturtz
Lover of books, Mother, CPA


Claudia Rager
Healthcare fanatic, Thought-provoker, Proud Grandmother

James Selapack
Veteran, Father of Two,
Operations Guru 

Kelly Warshel
Holistic Healer, Mom of four, Medical Director


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Ensuring community members remain independent, in the comfort of their own homes, is so important. We are grateful to be a small piece in such an important movement.

Our commitment to principles such as fairness, honesty, independence, integrity, and transparency are at the root of our decisions and actions.

Our Mission

Helping people live independently, every day, with quality care.

Our Vision

A caring community that promotes people to live happy, productive, and independent lives.

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